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Blowing the Hot Latino Hitchhiker

One of the most popular cruising spots in the city of Toronto is in an
extensive clump of bushes down by the lakeshore midway between Ash Bridges
Bay and Cherry Beach. I discovered it one day while riding my bike along
the road adjacent to it. There were a number of guys heading into the
bush just off the roadway. Normally I don't cruise much or take note of
it when it's happening but on this particular day I was very horny. As I
rode along, my hard on tenting my shorts, debating whether to head into
the bushes and get my rocks off, I found myself so distracted that I almost
crashed into a van parked at the side of the road. I lost control of my bike
and skidded to a stop fifteen feet or so in front of it. I picked myself up
and dusted off, looking back at the van. The occupant was a young guy, about
my age, in his early twenties, attractive and shirtless. He leaned out of
the window and said, "You OK?"

I smiled and said yes.

"You want a ride?" he asked, displaying an engaging smile. My heart
was hammering as I headed towards him.

"A ride?" I asked.

He said "Yeah, you know," looking down at himself. Following his gaze
downward I could see why he hadn't stepped out of the van to give me a hand.
Except for a pair running shoes and sport socks, he was buck naked. Red
satin gym shorts lay at his feet where he had squirmed out of them. He had
a slim build, nicely muscled, with skin that was pale and smooth. My gaze
followed the trickle of hairs from his belly button to his crotch. A pump
bottle of lubricant lay on the adjoining seat and his penis was rock hard
and glistening. He got up out of his seat and crawled over the seat into
the back of the van, showing off his round firm buttocks as he did so. I 
went to the back door, which he opened for me, and I climbed in and onto
a mattress which lay on the floor. I took off my shirt and, lying passively
on my back, let him take off my shoes socks and shorts. Naked, I continued
laying there, absently fondling my erection and looking up at him sitting 
beside me, stroking his own erection. He squirted more lube on himself and
then squirted some over my hand and penis, telling me that he wanted to
watch me jerk off. I was lying with my knees bent and with one hand
I slowly stroked my penis while, with the other hand, I
caught the excess lube and smeared it over my balls and ass. He put a hand
on my lower thighs and ran it down to my bum then knelt in front of me,
and, spreading my legs, he began to stroke me off with one hand while
finger-fucking me with the other. Twice he brought me to the brink of
orgasm, stopping just short, switching his attention to my legs and chest,
then when I had cooled down, continuing. I didn't understand what he was
doing, teasing me like this, but it felt great. After the second time, when
my erection didn't come back he poured more lube on my crotch and gently
massaged my rubbery, flaccid dick, my balls and my asshole. Moaning softly,
I closed my eyes and let myself drift.

As he intensified his massage of my asshole, my lips parted and my
muscles stiffened and I looked up into his eyes then down at his raging
hardon. He reached down the side of the mattress and retrieved a condom.
Without haste, he opened the package and slipped the condom onto his
throbbing member. My cock sprang back to attention, straining upwards and
my body went beet red. When he was ready, he hoisted my legs over his
shoulders, and for a tantalizing moment poised the tip of his cock at my
asshole, tickling my ass hairs till he found purchase. Then he penetrated me.
He went at it slowly because he had a big cock and wanted to make sure he
wasn't hurting me, but all that foreplay had gotten me so hot that as
soon as the tip was inside me I squirmed right down onto it. My eagerness
to get fucked surprised him and turned him on even more. What's more, it
surprised me. Normally I don't like getting fucked and on the rare
occasions that I do get fucked, I don't really get into it; I just lie
there and never concede that I am enjoying myself. But this time I was
definitely enjoying it and told him so. I reached down to stroke my cock,
but he took hold of my arms and pinned them above my head so I wouldn't
bring myself off too quickly. He fucked me with long swift strokes, 
withdrawing his dick from my ass then plunging the full length of it
back in till his torso slapped confidently against the back of my thighs.

My cock pressed between his abs and mine, and leaked copious amounts of
precum till finally I could hold back no longer. I squeezed my asshole tightly
around his thrusting cock and began to ejaculate. My orgasm was so intense
that the stream of cum gushed as far as my face. As I thrashed under him
he gasped. His body went rigid and he pressed his torso tight against my ass.
"Oh, Yeah!" he said as the first stream of cum coursed along the length of
his dick and into my ass. He ground his pelvis into my buttocks and pumped
his load into me. After coming, he slowly withdrew his cock from my ass and
paused for a moment to catch his breath. He gingerly took off the condom,
smiling at the amount of semen in it. Then he leaned close to me and
licked up some of the cum that had splattered on my chin and he kissed me,
swilling the cum between our two mouths. We remained locked in an embrace
for a few minutes, then he dried me off with a towel he had handy for the
purpose. He asked me if I could use a lift somewhere, but I declined. When I
got out of the van, and on to my bike I was still wobbly but steady enough1
to ride. He pulled up alongside me and again offered me a ride. I assured
him that I would be okay. He thought for a moment then rummaged around in
his glove compartment and came up with a foil-wrapped condom package which
he handed to me. It seemed a bit odd and my puzzlement must have been

"I got them as a birthday present from my folks," he said. "Freaked me 
out at first but my folks are pretty cool." He winked at me and put his van
in gear. After he was gone I turned the package over. It had his name and
phone number printed on it. Smiling, I put it carefully into my pocket and
rode off.