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Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The cock shook and trembled.
It spat out a stream of white. The jizzlet flew through the air to land
with a heavy splotch on the blond man's left cheekbone. The cock pulsed
once again. A streak of hot wet white whizzed out, splayed gracefully in the
air, and traced a line up the man's face from below his cheekbone into his
hairline. It curled up over his cheek, across his pert nose, and into the
socket of his eye. It continued up over his eyebrow and across his forehead
before disappearing into his hair. Even before the white line had
splattered forcefully into his face, the snake-like prong shuddered again.
The rope of man-goo was even thicker than the previous one had been. It
shot out like a white cannonball, and the dude watched spellbound as it
approached his face. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, and adjusted
the angle of his head. The sperm approached. It headed straight into his
open mouth, striking his throat soundly and splattering forcefully backwards
across and over his teeth and gums. It flowed wetly across his tongue. A
large globule of sperm trickled off his tongue, dropped onto his tonsils,
and slowly swam down his esophagus to pool quietly in his stomach. He let
the remaining semen collect in his mouth, careful not to let any more slide
relentlessly down his throat before he wanted it to. He opened his one
clear eyelid, and checked the penises jutting at his face. The first one
had shot three times.

Brad had done some testing earlier with a measuring cup and water. He could
hold almost two cups of water in his swollen mouth without spilling or
swallowing any. He hoped to collect that much semen during this tournament.
Doing some quick calculation, he figured the first cock would have three,
maybe four more shots. And there were over 30 hard fat cocks to go. A
delicious shudder ran through him, as he contemplated the barrage of semen
to come. Winning this contest would go a long way towards fulfilling his
dream of becoming a star in gay porn. He had read about it in one of the
gay magazines, and had been enthralled from the very beginning. The premise
was simple. The contestants were being judged on the amount of sperm they
could hold in their mouths. They were allowed to collect it from off their
faces, but nowhere else - no necks, chest, hair or hands. How it got into
their mouths was of their choice. They could blow the men and make sure
that the ejaculation took place orally. They could have the men jerk off
straight into their mouths, or if they were squeamish, into a glass that
they then would quaff. Brad had seen one dude do that earlier. He
collected a fair amount of squirt from about 16 virile men, and dripped the
champagne glass full right into his open mouth. This scene so turned on
several other men that they ignored the guy's wishes, and proceeded to
masturbate directly onto his face and into the dude's mouth. He could do
nothing but accept the cum shower, since if he turned away or closed his
mouth, he would have been disqualified.

Brad, a masculine stud at 6' 2" with 240 pounds of hard muscle, on the other
hand, had no such reservations. He seemed to get a quirky satisfaction out
of seeing the men panting and trembling while they rubbed and pulled on
their cocks, aiming the purplish heads at his exceedingly handsome face. For
a man to ejaculate on another man's face was an act of domination and
mastery. But semen wasn't dirty. It was a warm, bodily fluid, full of life
and containing the essence of a man. It was something that only a man could
give to another man.

Brad had seen enough adult movies to know that the facial cum shot was a
favorite of producers and directors, and thus probably of the audience.
After all, if they didn't want it, the movie makers wouldn't film it that
way. In fact, Brad thought, because of its proteins and other natural
essences, semen was probably good for your skin. He often rubbed it into his
face after a healthy bout of sex with his boyfriend, after breathlessly
gasping for him to ejaculate, not in his ass or on his cock, but all over
his sweating face. Mostly, the men were glad to cooperate. Over the course
of the last few years, Brad had both swallowed the salty mixture, and just
as often, massaged it into his face. And He hadn't had a blemish or even the
hint of a pimple or blackhead in all that time, and his skin was so soft and
smooth, yet so masculine. So to his, it was a cycle - the handsome face
that got the most sperm on it remained handsome with almost no additional
care. He didn't spend a dime on fancy soaps or facial scrubs. All the face
cream he needed was at the end of a tube of flesh that he had little or no
trouble extracting.

But now he had more important things on his mind. He pooled the collected
semen in his mouth, and waited for the next ejaculatory squirt. It was not
long in arriving, a cock missile that shot into his mouth with the wet force
of a bullet, knocking his head backwards once again. The sperm rocketed
around inside his mouth, spreading a thin white paste of fluid over his
teeth. A large globule sat thickly on his tongue. The man grunted and once
again unclenched his thumb from around his swelling glans. A ribbon of
white shot out, tracing a line from the left corner of Brad's mouth up over
his cheek and into his eye socket. The man moved closer, putting one hand
on Brad's head and directing his to place his gaping mouth directly under
his penis. He angled it downwards, just a scant few inches from his face.
He unclenched once again with a roar. The backed up cum squirted out like a
miniature firehose full of white paint. It drooled and dripped into his open
mouth, seemingly without end. It dropped between his open lips without
spilling over at all. Brad curled his tongue backwards and closed off the
passage to his stomach. He couldn't afford to waste this.

The other men drew closer, turned on like never before at the spectacle of a
hunky, masculine blond man accepting the sperm of an eight-inch cock
straight into his mouth. Finally the flood was over, and the man shook his
penis a few times, to ensure that the last few drops from deep in his balls
were forced out. One droplet landed with a gooey squish on Brad's nose, and
the rest found their landing place variously on his face. He stepped away.

Brad held up his hands to indicate a time-out. He traced one thick
masculine finger up into his semen-pooled eye sockets, collecting the juice
and transferring it to his mouth. He roamed around his wet, sticky face,
bringing as much of the lines and drops of sperm down into his mouth as he
could. Finally, his face was somewhat clear again, and he blinked open his
eyes. Motioning for the second man to come forward, he open his mouth, and
reached for the trembling cock, not a second too soon. The moment his
smooth palmed hand touched it, it exploded in a torrent of cum. He directed
the head of the cock to just between his lips, knowing that if he forced it
any further in, it may displace the already collected sperm out his
compressed lips, or worse, down into his stomach. He tickled the bottom of
the glans with his tongue, coaxing the sperm out in excited ruHes. One,
two, three, four long squirts roped out into his mouth.

He jacked on the cock several times for good measure, extracting several
more smaller, albeit still worthwhile, driblets of sperm. By now the semen
collected by his efforts was beginning to wash up over her gumline, and his
back teeth were covered with the white liquid.

He backed off the cock, dipped his head downwards to collect the semen, and
motioned for the next man to step forwards. Again, he placed the tip of his
cock, which was luckily rather thin, though quite long, between his
once-red, but now semen-covered lips. He dropped his hands to rest on his
thighs. The man placed his hand around his cock, stroking it into his mouth
with practiced determination. Finally he let his hand pull back on the cock
until it lodged in his bristly pubic hair, and clenched the muscles in his
ass. Brad later would swear he heard, as well as felt, the torrent of semen
flow into his mouth. It shot out in a white ropy stream, filling even more
of his mouth up. Suddenly He felt a grunt and a "whoosh" in his left ear,
as one over-excited man next to his now-sticky head placed the tip of his
cock in his ear, and proceeded to ejaculate several strands of white cum
into it. Brad quickly cupped his hand under the ear, and allowed the semen
to leak out of it. He brought the hand up to his mouth, and licked the
small puddle of cum out of it. "Good thing he didn't come too much. I think
I got it all..." he thought to herself.

Another man stepped forward, a swarthy Italian man with a cock that Brad
guessed to be at least nine or ten inches long, and several inches around.

"Just lean back and open up, cocksucker, I'll shoot it right into your
mouth, and not spill a drop," he calmly said. Brad obeyed him. He moved
closer, so that the tip of his cock was just three or four inches from his
semen-spotted face . He stroked it several times rapidly, and finally
grunted through his teeth, "Fuck!!! Here it comes, man, get ready!" The
horse cock's slit opened up, and a river of sperm rushed out, arcing
beautifully into the blond man's open mouth. The first spurt broke over his
teeth, and splashed so much that a tiny wave of cum broke over his lower lip,
to drool down his chin. Brad quickly cupped his hand under her chin, to
again capture the semen and not let it escape.

Again the penis shuddered and shot out a stream of white semen. It flowed
into Brad's sexy mouth like a river of cream. The sperm hit his tongue,
arched up to splash on the roof of his mouth and settled back to join the
rest of the microscopic spermatozoa now floating in his oral cavity. Brad's
cock was hard as rock, oozing precum at the thought that there were billions
of tiny sperms swimming around his teeth and gums. There were sperm from
tall, dark haired men with blue eyes, sperm from Greek men with skin like
coal and deep brown eyes, there were sperms from small red haired men with
freckles, and soon there would be more. Brad noticed at least two Asian men
in the line waiting for their turn, and several other Middle Easterners,
Hispanic men, and several Jews. "A real United Nations of semen in my
mouth..." thought Brad.

The Italian man moved his cock a bit farther away from Brad's face, perhaps
to let the others view the lines of sperm rocketing into his mouth. He slid
his powerful looking hand up over the tip of his prick, pinching the head
between his thumb and forefinger. He looked down at Brad, kneeling before
him like a slave in the royal harem of some long ago Roman emperor.

"Dude, I'm gonna do something special for you now. It's a little trick I
learned in the Army from a hooker in Saigon. I've pinched off my cock. But
I ain't done cummin' yet, that's for sure. I'm going to send such a load of
jizz onto your handsome face, you'll swear I was peein' white. Every last
bit of cum I've been saving for four days is going straight into your
handsome little face. How'd you like that?"

Brad looked up at him, sloshed the fluid sperm around in his mouth a bit,
and tried to talk without spilling any.

"Fhk yah" He murmured, careful not to drool over his barely open lips. "Led
be make some roob..". It was almost comical, as Brad could picture hisself
kneeling in front of a circle of mostly total strangers, semen clotting his
hair, and totally naked with a throbbing hardon. Drops of sperm dotted his
chest and shoulders, and several more slowly dried about his face. His hair
was now splotched with the seminal offerings of various men. His eyebrows
were soaking wet. Even his eyelashes had small tears of sperm hanging from
them. He reached down with one hand to stroke his aching cock meat, and
trying not to cum. He leaned his head back, cracked his masculine jaw from
side to side, and opened his mouth as wide as he possible could.

Spectators even several feet back could plainly see the pool of white liquid
collected in his mouth. Many were thinking it was the most erotic scene
they had ever seen, unrivaled in its sheer perversity and its dreamlike,
almost ephemeral quality. Fucking and sucking had become so commonplace
anymore that there was very little left to jade this bunch of hot, sweaty
pigs. But the sight of a goodlooking blond man, blessed with firm, rounded
pecs with erect nipples, massive yet perfectly proportioned legs, and an
amazingly handsome face, eagerly awaiting the onslaught of semen to come
into his mouth, was a sight they would all remember for years to come.

The Italian man tensed and shuddered. His buttocks clenched powerfully.
Again he tensed. The crowd could sense the buildup of semen backing up the
length of his cock. Once more he grunted, tensed and almost buckled at the
knees. A bead of sweat formed on his nose, and dropped to the floor. His
whole body seemed to be tensing like a coiled spring. A small drop of semen
escaped from the tip of his straining prick. Brad reached out with his
finger and collected it up. The man backed still farther away from his face
and beckoning mouth. He looked at Brad. Brad looked him straight in the eye,
and nodded almost imperceptibly. He waited. One more time, he seemed to
collapse inward for a moment, and then arched his back, pointed the near
bursting penis at Brad, and slid his hand back to his pubic hair with a
quick jerk. For a split-second, nothing happened. Then the eye of his cock
opened up, and a stream of semen sped outward.

Straight into his open mouth, the sperm flowed. Like some crazy water
fountain, the cum roped between his lips, and set the pool of liquid
collected there to splashing and foaming. The man backed away. Still the
jizz sped out, now a liquid white line connecting the tip of his cock and
the interior of Brad's mouth, almost two feet apart. To some observers, it
did indeed look like he was pissing white. For what seemed like an eternity,
but was in reality only a few seconds, the bizarre scene continued. Brad
groped his own cock and balls roughly, as his mind reeled at the immensity
of the man's cum shot. One man at the back of the crowd almost fainted dead
away, it was later learned. Abruptly, it was over.

The man had ejaculated a single jet of semen for more than eight seconds.
This was no drippy, slimy cum shot from an exhausted set of balls. This was
no "two quick spurts and it's over" job like so many had seen before. This
was a CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM shot to end all cum shots. Brad was
amazed at the volume of semen now inhabiting his mouth. He could no longer
face forward with his lips apart without having strands of white ropy goo
drip from his lips. He had to tilt his face backwards to keep the jizz from
leaking out. It completely covered his lower teeth, and his tongue was
nowhere to be seen. He closed his mouth, and looked at the Italian man, a
mixture of envy, astonishment, greed and gratitude in his eyes. He looked
at him, winked, and said "There! Taste my fucking man cum!" As if it wasn't
enough the Italian horse of a man held his now softening prick and aimed the
cockhead at Brad's forehead. A brief pause ensued, and then, out of the
hole that just moments ago had spewed forth hot man seed, a stream of warm,
yellow piss shot out and soaked Brad's hair. The air now reeked of cum and
piss. Brad was careful not to get any of the piss into his mouth as he
would rather save room for more white jizz. In 30 seconds, the Italian stud
had emptied his bladder completely all over Brad's head.

Brad could only close his cum-streaked eyes and nod at the Italian with
thankfulness. He had managed to send several pure ounces of jizzum into his
mouth without wasting a single drop. He inhaled a deep breath and tried to
catch his thoughts. His mouth was too full now to continue kneeling on the
pillow on the floor, waiting for the men to step up and cream his wet lips
with their semen. And he was beginning to get the normal swallowing urge He
knew he could not ignore for long. Finally, he had a thought.

Brad dropped to his hands and knees, and inclined his face forward and down,
making sure his lips were tightly compressed. The lake of white in his
mouth shifted forward, oozing between his front teeth and gums. When he was
sure that no valuable sperm was left lurking about in the back of his
throat, he swallowed lightly. Even then, he could feel several strands of
spermatic fluid slip into his esophagus, and disappear down into his belly.
"Damn!" he thought, "There's more wasted!"

He got up to his feet, and ignoring the looks of the crowd, went over to
the mirror on the wall of the room to check himself out. The sight he saw
jolted him out of his reverie. Looking back at his from the mirror was a
man with sperm-splotched hair, a cum-spotted face, and lips that compressed
about a thin line of white. His cheeks were swollen out like he had mumps.
A small, thin line of semen ran from the hollow of his neck down the upper
slope of one firm pectoral to bead at the erect nipple. He looked at his
own reflection with longing.

Turning about quickly, he walked over to the long, expensive looking dining
table that graced one side of the room. He judged it's height to be just
about right. Motioning the line of men to follow his, he climbed up on the
table, gesturing for a piece of paper and something to write with. A pert,
dark haired man quickly placed a pad and pencil in his hand.

Brad wrote "Feeling fine, but getting too full to stay on my knees. I will
lie on the table, face up. I want two at a time now, just keep 'em coming!"
He handed the pad back to the other man, who read the words aloud. Brad
placed the pillow under his neck, to angle his head flat and level on the
table. He consciously closed off his throat and leaned back, his head even
with the edge of the table, gazing at the ceiling. Two musky-smelling cock
heads loomed over his mouth, and for the next several minutes, the same
scene was repeated over and over. Brad couldn't see who the men were, and
could just tell white from dark. The cocks were all shapes and sizes, from
short, bulbous ones, to long, gleaming towers of male flesh.

The only thing they all had in common was that they all spat streams of cum
into his open mouth. Jet after jet of milky white semen was directed
between his eagerly waiting lips. Strangely, almost no one spoke a word. It
was as if, after the spectacle of the Italian man hosing his face with the
enormous amount of sperm, they were all participating in a sexual ritual.
Man after man grunted streams of thick, white sperm over his cum-covered
lips and into the pool steadily growing in his mouth. His teeth slowly but
surely were covered up with the juice. His tongue occasionally poked up out
of the lake of semen. Two, four, six, eight, then ten men emptied their
boiling balls into his mouth. He could no longer taste the differing types
of sperm, no longer able to tell the rich, almost milky texture of the
Italians from the light, more watery Caucasian jizzum. He thought he
detected a faint trace of garlic from one man He guessed to be the Italian.
The first Asian's cum smelled sweetly of tea and cloves.

The line of men slowly dwindled down. 12, 14, 16 men were through. One of
the next pair was so over excited by the scene he could do no more than jerk
his cock helplessly over his face, spraying the cum about his features with
relentless abandon. Lines of wet sticky sperm traced over his nose and
cheeks, zooming up his face from jaw to forehead. More cum dripped and
drooled into his eyes, and a line of it even shot up one nostril. His left
eye closed, a line of sperm dissecting the oval. Another line of sperm hung
connected from the tip of his nose to his upper lip. His lips themselves
were rimmed with white liquid quite a distance away from his open mouth
itself. The man looked at his helplessly. He opened his one good eye and
gazed at him. He had no time to collect the cum though, as there were still
more to be satisfied.

The lake of cum in his mouth was now almost overflowing. Brad ballooned his
cheeks outward with as much power as he could muster. He could feel a rough
tongue licking his own cock and balls, and after a few minutes, he shot his
first wad of cum into the mouth of the guy sucking him. The guy, who turned
out to be a handsome baseball jock, held Brad's cum in his mouth and quickly
rose to hover his mouth over Brad's mouth, transferring the enormous amount
of Brad's cum into Brad's mouth.

More cum shots ensued from the horny guys in the room. One spurt into his
mouth, one shudder up his spine. Two spurts against his lips, two pelvic
quakes that he felt down to his toes. Twenty, twenty two, then twenty four
men emptied themselves into his mouth. Number twenty-five placed his cock
against his lower lip and let a small stream of cum flow out of it to drip
into his mouth, and join the army of sperm. Number twenty-eight jerked
several strands of jizz against the tip of his tongue, saucily stuck up like
a small island in a sea of sperm. Brad could taste the rich aroma of it on
his sensitive taste buds. He finished by tracing a line of cum across the
width of his forehead, down one cheek, and across his chin.

He was joined by another man, who continued the cum drawing up the other
cheek, across the bridge of his nose, up between his eyes, and back across
his forehead. By now, his face was nearly completely covered with sperm.
There was virtually not one square inch of skin that didn't have a sheen of
cum covering it. Brad himself had shot his load three times so far. He
could see flashbulbs going off, and the whir of video cameras capturing this
event for posterity. The thought of so many strangers watching this
spectacle brought his cock up to full erection once more.

Finally, the sperm in his mouth reached the limits. It started to overflow
his lips and drip down his neck towards his ears. The last man had just
finished adding his donation to the cum charity of his face. He could hold
no more. Brad motioned a halt. It was too late for one man, who aimed his
jetting cock at Brad's chest and shoulders, topping the nipples with warm
white rain and showering his upper arms with his cum.

One man brought forward a glass marked with lines denoting each fluid ounce.
Brad sat up, pressing his fingers to his lips to keep the collected sperm
from leaking out any more. He held the cup up to his mouth, leaned forward,
and opened his lips. A river of white whooshed from between his lips,
pouring into the glass. Brad shepherded the cum from between his teeth and
gums with his tongue, drooling it all into the glass. The level rose and
rose. Still more cum poured from his open mouth. Up, up, up the glass
filled. Finally it was finished. Brad collected the slimy strands of jizz
from about his face and eagerly fed them into his mouth, where he could now
swallow and soothe his aching face and throat. The cool juice seemed like
champagne to his, as it flowed over his parched throat and seeped down into
his stomach.

He looked at the glass of cum he produced. The level was slightly over the
ten ounce mark. The nearest competitor was marked at six and one half
ounces. Brad had won! And won big! He managed to contain in his mouth,
without swallowing, over a pint of semen, the ejaculations of 33 men. He
blushed proudly.

"Whew, is that a fuckin' load or what?" He spoke aloud, to no one in

"Brad, that was the greatest exhibition of sexuality I have ever seen, bar
none. I think I have a job for you."

He turned to look at the man who had just spoken. He was a slim man of
about six feet, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was completely dressed
in an expensive looking suit that fit his tanned body well. His gaze
traveled down to his crotch, detecting a large bulge there that betrayed his
excitement, and lent truth to his statement.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Somers, and I produce and
direct gay adult movies in Los Angeles. I own my own production company,
and work with only the best and brightest of the actors. I would like to
take you to the West Coast, and put you to work in my movies. I think you
have the, ah, 'talent', shall we say, to go a long way. There has never
been anyone in the adult film business like you, I'm sure. Are you

Brad's heart leaped at his words. This was exactly what He was hoping for
when this evening first became a reality. "Yes, I think I would be. NO, I
KNOW I would be!"

"Well, I certainly am glad to hear that. I think that you could be one of
the biggest stars to ever hit the adult movie scene. I have only a few
other questions. How well do you fuck, and do you mind anal?"

Brad looked right at him, daring him to gaze at his cum-spotted face without
busting the zipper on his slacks. "Why don't you get your clothes off, and
find out?" 

"Perhaps later. Right now I'd like to see how well you handle three men at
once. Shall we?"

And he offered Brad his hand, to walk towards the center of the room, where
the remnants of the party still stood. "Brad here would like to take care
of any men who might not have had a chance to 'donate' cum earlier. Are
there any takers?"

Several men stood and cheered, or waved their hands excitedly. John turned
to Brad.

"Whom would you like?" 

Brad looked the available candidates over. Pointing at three husky men in
succession, He said "OK. You and you, I want in my ass at the same time,
and you I want in my mouth. How's that?" The crowd couldn't believe Brad
would take two cocks up his ass at the same time.

Brad made two of the guys lie down on the floor with their legs locked and
their cocks and balls touching each other and lowered himself over the two
cocks. John bent closer to get a better look. John offered a hand and
positioned the heads of the two massive cocks at Brad's rosy, crinkled

"Ahhhhhh..." Brad moaned, as he slowly lowered himself over the two hard
meat poles. At first, his butt wouldn't give. Then, the heads of the cocks
popped in with an audible plop. The first few inches were slowly gobbled up
by his hungry bowels. "Ohhhh, that's good.." Brad breathed. "Oh fuck
yeah...fuck my me apart with your cocks guys!" Slowly, the two
penises disappeared up into his asshole. Finally, he was lowered all the
way down onto the men's pricks, until their curly pubic hairs tickled Brad's
anus. Then he leaned back, and motioned to another man to come forward.

"Over here dude. Let me suck the cum out of those balls! Let me taste your
man cum...I want it ALL!" The man, a quarterback, came forward and lunged
his veiny cock meat into Brad's open mouth. Brad sucked on it with all the
force he could muster.

Meanwhile, the two men could feel their cocks rubbing against each other as
they invaded Brad's tight asshole. The three horny studs, together with
Brad, moved and squirmed for several minutes.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cummmmm......." wailed Brad, as a tremendous quake of
orgasm shook his body. "Fuck yeah..I am cummmmmmmminggggggg!" He screamed.
He could feel the two hard organs sliding in and out of his super aroused
asshole. John looked down at Brad with lust in his eyes. John asked the
guy who was feeding Brad his cock to step aside. "Open up, dude, here comes
the main event" John said, looking down at Brad. He parted his lips. John
hauled out his own cock and slowly fed the length of his cock into his
mouth, watching fascinated as it disappeared. He could see his 9" cock
angle past Brad's tonsils, and lodge halfway down his neck. The skin
beneath his chin bulged out with the tell-tale outline of his glans. Then
he withdrew the cock. It emerged slimy with saliva and the remnants of
Brad's mouthful of cum. Then he forced it in again.

"Brad, you are doing just great. This is a real test of a person's sexual
capacity, and as I said, I'm very impressed. And you know, I think I would
like all of us to ejaculate inside of you."

Brad looked up at him, nodding his head in agreement. He couldn't nod too
far in either direction, of course, seeing as how his head and neck seemed
grafted onto the penis sliding slowly in and out of his mouth. He grasped
the shaft of John's cock, and slowly led it out of his mouth. He winked up
at John.

"Yeah man, I want you to spurt your juice right down my throat. Fuckin' do
it, man." John was obviously enjoying the blowjob from Brad and hearing Brad
talk dirty.

"You bet! I haven't cum today, and I'm sure I got a good load for you
to swallow. Besides, I woke up late this morning before coming in here and
I haven't showered yet. You can smell the musk on my cock and balls I am
sure." Brad was amazed at John's forthrightness. 

Brad loved to talk dirty as he blew them, knowing it turned them on even
more to hear words of encouragement and enjoyment. "Yes, I'm gonna swallow
your entire load and I want your sperms to swim around in my stomach. I
want you to paint my tonsils white, man!"

John joined in the game. "You gonna eat my jizz, eh? You know, I got a lot
of jizz to give you. Your tongue is gonna get slimed, and your throat will
feel my stuff sliding down like warm, creamy milk."

"Oh, yes, I want to eat your cum. I love to feel the slimy stuff slip down
into my belly. I ...Umph". Brad was cut off in mid-word as the penis
entering his mouth made speech unintelligible, if not impossible. John
stroked his cock slowly in and out of Brad's sweating face, each time to
spread his lips, flatten his tongue down, and bulge out the muscles in his
neck. In, out, in , out, John's cock retraced its route several times.

Suddenly the one of the two men in Brad's ass cried out. "Oh shit, I gonna
cum, I'm gonna shoot..." Brad bucked his ass at him several times, as if to
offer encouragement and agreement. Just then the other guy shouted, "Yeah
me too! I am gonna spew my fuckin' load!!! Arrghh!! Take my load man!
Fucking let me shoot my cum load into your ass and keep it there man. I want
my sperm inside your ass!!" The two men arched their hips, lifting the
entire mass of flesh up off the ground, burying their cocks far up into
Brad's bowels. The cockheads nestled into Brad's tender rectal passage, then
spat out hot cum. He felt the blazing hot liquid steam up into his ass,
bathing it with warmth. He clenched his ass muscles. Again the cocks let
loose with spurts of ejaculate. "Oh, yes, cum in my ass, cum in my ass, you
dirty fuckers, shoot it up there!" He groaned, gulping in huge lungsful of
air, temporarily quitting the blowjob he was giving John. The men jerked
and shuddered a few more times, then collapsed on the floor, panting and
gasping for air.

Slowly they slid their softening cocks out of Brad's rectal passage. Its
way was greased by the load of semen they had just deposited, and finally
they both popped their cocks out. A trickle of white liquid escaped from
Brad's tender, yet satisfied asshole.

Brad grabbed the shaft of John's cock invading his face, and let just the
tip protrude into his mouth. He fed about two inches in, mentally picturing
the flared head resting over his tongue and pointing it's menacing slit
directly at his tonsils and the back of his mouth. He looked up at John. He
jerked John's cock into his mouth, trying to telepathically communicate with
him. "Cum, cum, cum , cum," he repeated in his mind, timed with the strokes
of his fist. "Shoot, shoot, shoot" he thought. On the last "shoot", he felt
it. A stream of semen pulsed out of the cock and struck his tonsils,
bathing them with white liquid. He gulped the white offering down. He
jerked the cock again, and again a stream of jizz sped out, to slide over
his tongue and down his gullet and join its mates. One more time, the penis
shuddered a thin line of white into his mouth that Brad swallowed and ate
gratefully. He looked up at John as he grimaced in pleasure, enjoying
watching his climax. He slowly fed the cock out of his mouth, and gave the
pisshole a final lick.

"There now, wasn't that nice?" he queried. John just looked down at him,
shaking his head with the disbelief of such pleasure. Everyone applauded.

"Now that Brad has proven himself to be a new star, I think this calls for a
celebration, don't you think?" said John. At that, he took the glass of cum
that Brad had earlier collected in his mouth during the competition, and
raised it up in the air. "Here's to many years of hot man action on the
silver screen." John brought the glass of cum to his own lips and took a
mouthful of cum contributed by over 30 horny, masculine men, and swallowed.
John licked his lips and handed the glass to the guy next to him. The guy
took a mouthful of cum in like manner and handed the glass to the next guy.
As if performing some cultish ritual, the fraternity of men tasted and ate
the cum of every other man from the cum chalice. Brad took the last

The entire herd of sweaty male pigs adjourned into the small bathroom to
clean up. All 40 or so men, all sweating, all grunting, laughing, and
making manly talk, pressed inside the small bathroom. The last man closed
the bathroom door to make sure that they got all steamed up inside by their
own body heat and breath. By now the whole bathroom was reeking with cum,
sweat, piss, and manly body odor. The air was partially fogged by the hot
breath of the horny guys. One guy raised his voice and said, "Hey, let's
all piss on each other, man." A hearty laughter ensured, and before long
everyone was shooting warm male piss on each other, dousing each other with
the precious yellow liquid tainted with man cum....