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Giving Head At The Local Pornshop

The bitter taste in my mouth signaled his ejaculation had commenced...

After being a good boy for nearly two months, I found myself in Miami with 
a little time to kill. I decided to stop at a booth store, which I hadn't done 
in some time. The store is fairly new, and I remember when the same building was 
an oil change store. How appropriate! I walked down the stairs into the booth 
area and the scene was familiar. A half dozen guys milling about. After looping 
around once I caught the eye of straight looking young Latino around 20. He had a 

nice face and a large build: he was about 5' 11" with dark hair cut in a tight fad, dark eyes,
and full lips. I notice that he had quite a bulge in his tight jeans!

I ducked into a booth, left the door ajar and he followed. He locked the door 
behind him and I sat in the chair in the tiny booth, his crotch coming up to my 
face. I started unbuckling his pants, through which his erection was already 
noticeable. I wanted to set the vibe that he was the one to get the servicing, 
and indeed, this seemed to be what he was looking for. 

He released his dick from his underwear and dropped his underwear to his ankles.
I put my mouth around his uncut cock and began working my tongue around his glans
 and sucking and blowing in an up and down motion. 

...his cock grew to it's full size of no less than 10" fucking inches!

"Mmm that feels good," he whispered as his cock grew to it's full size of no less than
 10" fucking inches! His balls hung down low and I took time to take each one into my hungry
mouth...the kid moaned as I worked over his cock and balls... 

He started unbuttoning my shirt and lifting my t-shirt. I rose and we hugged. I 
unbuttoned my pants and dropped my underwear to the floor as we embraced, our 
cocks pressing against each other; we kissed each other’s neck lightly. He then 
gently put his hand on the top of my head, and pushed down. Instinctively I knew 
this was the beginning of the final act and sat down opening my mouth.

I let him shove his penis in my mouth. His hips bucked and I began to swirl my 
tongue and suck and blow alternately as intensely as I could worship his very 
swollen cock. He lightly groaned with approval. There was no going back; I kept 
increasing the intensity of stimulation to his penis. I wanted his lifeforce: I 
wanted to taste him; I wanted to feel his body when he came. 

"I'm close," he moaned giving me the option of slowing or stopping. I only knew
to increase the intensity of stimulation I applied with my warm wet mouth and
tongue. He was losing control. His breathing became sexually labored just before
he whispered, "I'm gonna cum." 

This was his last verbal cue to me that I would have the chance to withdraw my 
mouth before he would shoot. I nodded with his cock in my mouth, that I knew the 
consequences; that he was about to shoot his sperm into my mouth. The bitter 
taste in my mouth signaled his ejaculation had commenced...I like to feel a 
man's penis twitch as he comes: It signals a single ejaculation of sperm. I felt 
the slight twitch and tasted the bitterness of his cum in the first shot. The 
next sensation was a throb that I had never felt before. Suddenly my mouth was 
filled with a large ejaculation of warm thick sperm.

I gulped his bitter semen and felt it hit my belly.

In a split second it was clear that he hadn't cum in a long time. It was also clear
my mouth was full and in a split second I had to decide what to do with his warm
creamy liquid before his next spurt. I gulped his bitter semen and felt it hit my belly.
His penis throbbed a third time and I felt another large wash of warm sperm...
this time it shot past my mouth and hit the back of my throat; it was the strongest and 
largest wave. I just swallowed it like the good cocksucker that I am. Several 
smaller waves followed before I squeezed the last drop of cum from his penis and 
licked it off. 

Sheepishly he thanked me (typical "straight" boy) and went off in the night. I 
was happy that after all this time, businesses change but the oil changing at 
this address, remains the same.