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This is my story of how I was turned into a cock slave. I'm 5'10, 165 lbs,
with a smooth, almost hairless body. I'm in good shape with a baby face and
barely any beard. I grew up around New York as a straight male, but I did
have a few experiences with other guys when I was young.

I dated and slept with girls and was straight in appearance and actions.
Like most guys, I thought being queer was the most embarrassing, low,
disgusting thing anyone could do.

I went to collage and smoked some pot, drank, hung out and socialized like
everyone else.

I meet Harry Green in my second year at school when I was 19. Harry was
6'2' about 24 years old , 200lbs, solid and black. He lived in an apartment
that was always dark, the curtains were always drawn and the lights were
low. It was one of those garden apartments with access to a common

He was good looking, popular and able to get any white girl he wanted .I
was slightly shy and dated but not always successfully.

One day, I was in need of some pot and Harry offered to sell me a few
joints. I went to his apartment and knocked. As usual, on a perfectly sunny
day , the room was dark, cluttered and smoky. He invited me in and offered
me a beer. We sat on his couch and decided to smoke a joint and watch TV.

Between the beer and Pot I was buzzed in no time.

"Pot always makes me horny" he said What I need is a nice blowjob from one
of my bitches.

At that point he got up and put a tape in the VCR. It was a cum shot movie,
the kind with not to much warm up, just guys shooting their loads on girls
faces. Each shot was more graphic then the next. Girls were taking multiple
loads in the mouth, face ,tits and ass. He made comments about the ones he
liked, especially where several men covered the girls face and filled her
mouth with cum. After 20 minutes of this I was getting totally hot and a
little self conscious. I decided to leave. I offered to pay for the pot
but he said that I could have it for free if I did him a favor. Being
totally naive ( and broke) I asked what I needed to do. Harry sat there and
rubbed his cock through his sweats and I understood.

"No.... I don't think so!" This was something I never expected, I was
completely embarrassed that someone would think I was a queer! That I would
have sex with another guy . Why would he say this to me? ...." No way."

"Come on... I'm fuckin horny as hell.. I bet you gave a blow job to a guy
before. When you were young... Maybe? In school?"

I couldn't believe it, how could he know this about me. I hesitated
answering and that gave him his answer.

It was so long ago. It was just experimenting with another kid in the
neighborhood. It was nothing. I wasn't a queer!

"I knew it! You have sucked dick before. With that hairless baby face you
looked like you would. I can't believe it. You're a cock sucker"

"No... No really I'm not into that."

"Come on... I wont tell."

"No. I can't. No."

"Look.. Just take a look at my cock. If you don't get a hardon you can pay
me for the pot and go.

If your cock does get hard from looking at my cock just
might like it.

You might be like the girls on the video who crave cock and cum."

It was at this inconvenient point that I realized I forgot my money.

"O .. O.. Ok But just for a minute."

"Come here then."


"Kneel in front of me. so you can see my cock up close. And pull your pants
down so I can see if you get a hardon."

I slid off the couch and knelt in front of him as he sat there. He began
rubbing his crotch and slowly lowered his sweats. His cock was about 8
inches, thick with a big mushroom head.

He was half hard and his cock laid across his thick thighs. His balls were
huge and hung low and rested on the couch.

"Tell me about the cocks you sucked"

I didn't know what to say." It was nothing ... just kid stuff."

"I never did that when I was a Kid.. You must have wanted to do it. You
might be one of those guys who like to be treated like a girl and have men
use them."

"I'm not queer! And I'm not a girl".

"You sucked a guys cock.. what would you call it? Now what happened?"

"Well..... I was a my friends house. .. we had a magazine ... and well
... He pulled out his cock and made me suck it."

"He made you? Why didn't you just leave."

I was embarrassed. I didn't know what to say. Harry was making me reveal
things I had never mentioned to anyone. I was admitting that I let another
guy put his cock in my mouth, I sucked it and let him cum in my mouth. An
worst of all, I came, not from getting a blow job but from giving a blow

I told him about sucking my friends dick and how he called me a fag and a
queer after he came in my mouth.

He made me tell him about his dick, how long and big it was and how much
cum he shot in my mouth.

While I told him my darkest secrets, Harry stroked his dick just inches
from my face. Suddenly he moved to the edge of the couch. His now hard cock
was almost touching my lips. I watched his cock get bigger.

I could smell his musky cock and balls and it feel its heat.

"I think you want to be treated like the cum sluts in the video. You want
this black cock in your mouth don't you boy."

"No .... Please."

The beer, pot, video and sex talk overwhelmed me. I was in a daze. On my
hands and knees in front of a big black man. When he pulled my head up and
looked between my legs I knew I was in trouble. My cock was rock hard.

"I knew you were a cocksucker. Go ahead, put it in your mouth. You lost,
now suck."

I knew this was the lowest think a man could do, but I had no choice. I
lowered my face into his lap.

The tip of Harry's cock pressed against my lips. He rubbed his precum over
my mouth and lips.

"Just do it, no one will know, I wont tell. You know you want it."

I knew it was wrong. What kind of man would suck cock? Was I really queer?
I was high but I started to feel like I wanted to let him fuck my mouth.
The smell of his cock made me even more dizzy.

"Taste it" It wasn't a request; it was a demand. He put his hand on the
back of my head and slid his cock into my mouth. I didn't resist. Harry was
using my mouth, he was in control and I was his submissive cocksucker.

He inched forward on the couch and held my head with both hands and slowly
humped my mouth. His thighs rubbed against each side of my face. As he
humped me he moved my head back and forth. At each stroke the fat cock was
forced deeper into my mouth. Harry's hands and thighs surrounded my face. I
was smothered in his crotch, held in place, unable to move. All I could
feel was that thick hard cock stretching my mouth and the smell of Harry's
crotch. Harry leaned forward. In that position his face was just above the
back of my head.

" That's it, take that cock, you're gonna do whatever I want. You're gonna
be my personal cocksucker.

That's it, feel that cock in your mouth. You are such a pussyboy. You like
it don't you ......... DON'T YOU!"

All I could was mumble and nod a little. I knew he was in total control. He
knew that I would take another mans cock ... something no one else
knew... and that he could force me to do anything.

He kept talking in my ear , His face close enough so that he could almost
suck his own cock.

"Take it pussyboy, swallow it....deeper... my dick is down your throat and
you love it. You know how low you are? Taking cock from another guy...
Letting me use you.

This is hot ... watching your face get pumped with my dick ... making you
choke on dick."

Harry was becoming more abusive and insulting. The more dominant he became
the more I began to understand my place. I could have left. I could have
run out of his apartment. ... But I didn't.

In one afternoon I went from being a straight male to a submissive
cockslave... a pussyboy to another man.

After humping my face for 15 minutes he pulled me up by my hair and turned
me around to face the TV.

A black cock was shooting an enormous load of thick cum into a girls face
. She definatly did not like taking the load and tried to pull away, but
the man covered her face and filled her mouth with ropes of cum.

He held my head with both hands and squeezed my face between his thighs and
continued humping my mouth. My mouth formed a cocksucking "O" as I felt his
cock slid in and out.I felt his lenth move against my lips and the inside
of my cheeks and the head force it's way into my throat.

"That's what I'm gonna do to you. You're gonna take my load just like that
girl. Weather you like it or not.

But in time, after a few dozen or so of my loads I bet you learn to love
it. All you need is a little forced discipline to train you as my

"Then he turned me so the back of my head was on the seat of the couch
while sitting on the floor.

Harry straddled my face so his balls hung above my mouth. "Put them in...
Use your hands and put both my nuts in your mouth."

I reached up and tried to pull his balls into my mouth but they were to
big. After a few tries Harry became frustrated.

"Move ... this is how to stuff balls into a bitches mouth"

With that he began feeding me his balls, pushing so my lips stretched.
Finally the second popped in.

My mouth was full. My eyes were tearing and wide open. He started laughing
at me saying how I looked like such a fag and a queer. How no girl would be
caught dead with such a cocksucker.

I wanted to scream at him and just leave but I knew he was right. I was a
queer. I wanted to be used by this guy.

He pulled his balls out and started slapping my face with his cock, I could
tell he was getting worked up.

He was moaning and breathing deeply. He grabbed my hair and began rubbing
his dick all over my face.

He held his hand flat and pressed the length of that black cock against my
face covering from my mouth to my forehead. He rolled his dick from side to
side as he humped my face. Precum coated my lips, cheeks and forehead.
Dripping precum landed in my hair. Then Harry pushed the greasy pole back
into my mouth.

He leaned over resting his elbows on the back of the couch and started to
really fuck my mouth.

I was choking and gagging as he forced the big mushroom head down my
throat. I thought I was going to pass out from the abuse but he continued
for another 10 minutes. He pumped faster and faster and I knew it was
close. He was going to force me to take his cum... the ultimate

"Please don't cum in my mouth, " I begged as his cock slipped from my

"To late for that now" and he pulled his cock out and started jerking off
into my face.

Open up... I like to watch my cum shoot into a bitches mouth. "

I obeyed.

A few more strokes and he started to shoot. His cum was thick and creamy.

The first 2 shots landed all over my face then he started shooting into my

He must not have cum in days there was so much. My face and hair were
covered and my mouth was full.

He kept moaning and jerking his cock and rubbing the still hard dick all
over my face.

He kept moaning and telling me to drink it. Still more cum spit from his
piss hole into my open mouth.

"oh..oh... here's some more for my girl.. get your mouth on my greasy dick
bitch.Eat that cum"

My mouth was full of cum and I wanted to spit it out but he looked at me
and said " Show me the present I just gave you. Open your mouth, but don't
spill any.

I opened my mouth and he pushed more of the cum on my face into my already
cum filled mouth.

"Now swallow.... NOW!" I had no choice. I knew my place. The thick cream
slid down to my belly.

"Good girl" You like that don't you. I nodded and let out a meek uh huh.

"Look at you covered in cum, my dick still sliding around in puddles of cum
on your face.

"Here eat some more...Lick the head... good girl ...swallow....again...kiss

that's nice... Good bitch... now the balls .... Now look up at me and

I did as I was told, cum all over my face and hair, tears streaming from my
eyes and trying to smile at the man who just used me to pleasure his cock
with my mouth.

"Now thank me"

"For what?"

For teaching you what you are... a cocksucker"

"But I didn't want that"

"No? What's that" I looked down to see my own puddle of cum on my stomach.

I had cum from being used by another man. I felt disgusted.. I was a queer
... A fag... a pussyboy.

"Now get out. Be back here tomorrow night at 9. Don't be late."

With that I was pushed out the door into the bright sun, my pants still
open and cum all over my face.