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I LOVE THE GYM! For any guys out there gay or bi who enjoy the
sight of a young, in shape naked man, then I strongly suggest joining a gym
first thing tomorrow. I had to say that before I started my story!

I am a bi guy who plays on both sides of the fence. I of course
work out at my local gym to stay in shape, but really enjoy going for the
view. Sometimes I spend over a hour just in the locker room, of course
pretending to be doing something besides cock watching. I love to see
these so called straight guys come out of the shower not even wearing a
towel. I catch them staring at each others cocks, comparing and also
enjoying the view. In the gym I see long cocks, short cocks, thick cocks,
thin cocks. They are great.

One day after a hard work out I was in the shower, It's a 24 hour
gym and I work 2nd shift so it was late at night. I was in the shower room
all alone enjoying the water over my body. I heard someone else come in,
then I heard one of the other showers cut on. After a few minutes I got
out of the showed and dried off. I was wearing a towel and looking in the
mirror just checking my self out when the other shower door opens and this
Latin guy walks out totally naked. This guy was in really good shape
with a six pack. The best part was the monster he had hanging between his
legs. I think I'm pretty well hung but this guy was a horse! When he came
out he smiled and asked how I was doing. I said fine and we talked for a

He looked down at my towel and then back up at me with another
smile. He said he had forgotten his towel and he could not find any to dry
off with, and wanted to know if he could borrow mine. This made me a
little nervous because I could already feel myself getting aroused, but did
not want to seem impolite. I smiled and said ok. I pulled my towel off
and handed it over. As soon as I did that I saw his eyes drop to my cock.
He took the towel and dried his head and face, as he started to dry his
body I could see his cock swinging back and forth. This guy was built like
a porn star. His limp cock was hanging at least 7 inches. I tried not to
think about it, hoping to keep my on cock under control. As far as I knew
this guy was straight and I did not want him to know how hot I thought he
was since I am still in the closet.

After drying off he looked over at his gym bag which was behind me
on a bench and asked if I would grab his lotion out of it. As I looked in
the bag to get the lotion, right on top was a gay magazine. I figured he
knew the magazine was in there and that was a hit to see if was had the
same thing on my mind that he did. I pulled the lotion out and handed it
to him. I watched as he rubbed the lotion all over the front of his body,
his chest, his abs, and the front of his legs. Then he handed me the
bottle and asked if I would rub it on his back.

There we both were, completely naked with me rubbing lotion on this
hot guys back. I stood behind him rubbing the lotion on his shoulders.
There was a mirror in front of us and I could see he was hard by now. To
no surprise my cock was at its full hard 8 inches. He backed himself back
until my hard cock was between his ass cheeks. He turned around and
started french kissing me. I put my arms around him and pulled him to me.
With my hand still full of lotion I started stroking his cock. He suddenly
got on his knees and started sucking my dick. He was really working my
cock with hand too, squeezing the cum out. After a few minutes I blew my
load in his mouth. He walked over the the bench and laid down. Lying
there stroking his 10 inch hard cock he smiled at me and asked if I wanted
to have a sit. Now I have had a few cocks in my ass before, but never one
close to this size. I got some lub out of his bag that he told me about
and bent over so he could lube me up. He had two fingers going in and out
with no problem. With is huge cock lubed up good I straddled him. I had
my hands on his chest and he guided his cock into my tight asshole. It did
hurt at first but we went slow and after a few minutes I was bouncing up
and down and that love ride. I ran my hands over his well built chest as
he laid his head back, eyes closed enjoying my ass. I was also enjoying it
tighten my ass pulling his cock into me. I got hard again myself and
started jacking off. In no time I was blowing my second load onto his
chest. Suddenly he started moaning hard and I could feel his cock
throbbing because it was so tight in my. All of a sudden he came, I kept
bouncing as he screamed with pleasure.

After this we took another shower together and made out.
I have not seen him back in the gym, but I'm really hoping he makes
his return!