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Servicing Straight Boy Javier!

It was another slow day at the campus library at the University of Miami. This was during a summer session, and not too many students were inside to study on a beautiful summer day. I had a job in the library that required me to reshelf books, it wasn't real stimulating work, but it was a little extra money.

Every so often I took a break and went to the basement floor restroom to check out any action that might be going on. This restroom was commonly known as a place you could meet other guys and get your cock sucked. However, this was summer and there was a lot less traffic going through there.

I had finished my work for the day, so I thought I might hang around for a while to see if I couldn't get lucky. I went into he first enclosed stall, as this was the one that had a small peephole in the wall. By looking through it you could see a row of three urinals and the cocks that were pissing in them. But that was all you could see as the hole was too small to get a look at who belonged to those cocks.

It was about ten minutes before anyone came through the door. Sure enough they were there to take a piss. It was a nice average sized cock but the guy was just there doing his business, then left. Another twenty minutes went by, when a couple of guys came in together. Standing side by side, one at the urinal closest to me just what seemed to be inches away from my probing eye, was handling a cock that, though soft looked to be about 7 inches. The other guy had a slightly smaller cock. Once again, no interest was shown for any service on my part.

Now it was starting to get later in the afternoon, when things get really got slow. I thought I would give it another half an hour and if nothing happened, I would go back to my apartment and watch a gay video and get off on my own.

Looking at my watch, I was getting down to the last 5 minutes, when I heard the door open again. Once again someone was here to piss and went to the middle urinal. I noticed this guy was taller than the other guys and I thought I might not be able to get a good look at his cock in the limited range I had to work with. I soon found out that this was not a problem since this stud's cock was so long it came into my view with no problem. After he was done he pumped it a couple of times to drain the last few drops, still not showing any indication he might be interested in something. When he turned his back and went to wash his hands, I just had to have a glance at who this cock belonged, so I leaned down where I could at least see his lower half of his body from under the partition so I could recognize him once I followed him out after he left. He was wearing faded out cut-off Levi jeans shorts and his shoes were white Nikes with black trim.

I let him get about a minute head start on me before I left my stall. The doorway leading upstairs was right across the hall from the restroom, and had he went up the stairs I would have been able to hear the door open, which it did not. So I knew he was still in the basement somewhere. Even though I was now off-duty, I grabbed a nearby cart with books that needed to be reshelved and proceeded pushing it down the aisles looking for this stud.

All the way in the back of the building is a row of study tables which was where I was heading. I stopped at the very last row of books and started down that row to take a peek through the bookshelves to see if he was there. I got down on my knees and looked between the shelves, I instantly recognized the shoes under the table, as I followed his tan well formed legs, I had to catch my breath as I caught site of his plump crotch. I just had to see the rest of him, so I stood up and looked through the upper shelves to see his face, and I knew who he was. It was Javier the star center on our basketball team and he was looking directly at me.

I thought...Oh no, he knows I'm checking him out and he is going to come over here and kick my ass. So my first thought was to go ahead and start putting some books on the shelf, which I did. Once I started doing that I noticed he went back to his studies. I figured if he thought I was really working, he wouldn't notice if I got back down on my knees to reshelve books, all the while checking out his basket. I had to let my shirt out to hide the obvious bulge in my pants.

So I went back down to my knees, and was staring intensely at the bulge in Javier's pants, when his right hand came down and started rubbing his crotch. I thought this might be a sign, but decided to play it safe. Then he started to trace with his finger the outline of his cock that was inching down the right leg of his loose legged shorts. He went down to mid-thigh before he stopped and started tracing back up again, and then gave his bulge a light squeeze.

That was it, I was going for it! I stood back up and looked through the shelves at him and our eyes made contact. He knew what I wanted and I knew what he wanted, so I gave him a wink a did a slow lick on my lips, Javier nodded back. So I started walking back towards the restroom and Javier got up and followed.

Once back in the restroom, I went into the last stall which was for the handicapped, as this stall provided much more room than the others. Javier went into the stall next to me. I was so turned on I was trembling. Javier had taken a piece of toilet paper and wrote a note on it. It said that he knew I probably knew who he was, and wanted me to know that while he was not gay he had heard that gay guys give the best head because they know what pleases a man. I assured him that by my experience, that was the truth. I asked him by note, if he wanted me to suck his cock. Javier responded yes and wanted to know if I could deep-throat an 11-inch cock. I said I would be thrilled to give it a try. I told him that I knew the building was practically deserted by this time of the day, and would he join me in my stall so I would have the best access to his cock. He wasn't sure about that until I explained if anyone else came in, I could get up on the back of the stool so only one pair of feet appeared in case anybody looked.

With that, I heard Javier stand up and fasten his shorts back up. He opened his stall door, walked out and stood at the entrance to mine. I got up and undid the latch on my door, and Javier walked in. While I had to look up at him, what I wanted was easily reached. I slowly reached out and started massaging the thick bulge in his pants. He leaned over and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to take his cock deep into my throat. I then undid his pants and pulled them down to the floor. He had briefs on but they could not restrain the massive cock he was sporting. I pulled down his underwear and his cock was finally free to be serviced. It was so large that it swayed like a tree limb. I told Javier to sit down on the stool, lean back and enjoy it. He asked me what to do when he was about to cum. I told him not to worry I wanted to taste his creamy hot spunk on my tongue and to swallow all I could get of it.

When he sat down and reclined, I got to my knees and put my face down to where I met the bulbous head of his cock. The first thing I noticed was the thick dollop of precum leaking from the slit. With my tongue I gently started at the bottom of the slit and licked upwards until I had it in my mouth. It had a rich musky taste to it as I let it roll around my taste buds. Back to the head I went, lightly licking the underside of the ridge, then my tongue when to his shaft and slid all the way down the underneath side of Javier's member. His balls were held tightly to the base of his cock and I gave them a tongue bath as well. I could tell Javier was having a good time, as I looked up at him, he had a look of anticipation about him. I asked him if he had ever had anyone take all of his cock in their throat before. Javier said quietly, that I was the first guy he ever let do this and the girls he had, couldn't. Javier said he thought his cock was about 11-inches long, but it would not have surprised me if it were 12. One thing in my favor as I attempted to take this monster down my throat, was because of the massive size it didn't stand completely up, but rather had a slight natural bend downwards.

I was ready to try to take this thing all the way now, so I started by concentrating on the head and the first couple of inches of the shaft. Over the head an down the shaft my hot mouth went, with my ample saliva now coating and running down the rest of Javier's cock. With each stroke of my mouth, I took a little more of Javier into me. After minute or two I was now engulfing eight or nine inches of this piece of studhood, and Javier was responding with slight and quiet moaning. I could feel his eyes watching me as I serviced him. He then took his left hand and put it on the back of my head and drew me ever deeper on his shaft. I even surprised myself at how willing my throat was to accommodate such big cock.

I had performed deep-throat on others before, but none that were hung like Javier. But apparently, once you train yourself to relax your gag reflex, you can take about any cock.

Javier was now forcing my head down towards the base of his cock, only another inch or two to go. I could feel the slight bend of his shaft fit nicely down the back of my throat when my nose finally became buried in his dark bush of pubic hair. It was wet with my drool that had ran down his cock from my hungry mouth. Javier was now moaning much louder, I don't think I could have stopped what I was doing if someone else had come into the room.

I could sense Javier excitement at having his long dick down someone’s throat as I was now just going up and down on the bottom 4 or 5 inches. Needing some air, I withdrew Javier's throbbing penis from my throat. Javier told me how impressed he was at my talent and said it wouldn’t be long until I got my reward. I went back on to his cock and with one slow and easy motion went from the tip of his cock all the way down to its base again, and then back up to where I just had the head in my mouth. I tightened my lips as much as I could and started concentrating on the upper half of Javier's penis, as I knew this would produce the best sensation for him. Down over the crown my lips slid and down about another 4 or 5 inches then back up again. I repeated this motion as I could feel Javier's body tense up. I was really going to work on that cock when after a couple of minutes Javier said he was going to cum.

I now just started to go back and forth over the crown of Javier's cock, when I felt his head expand between my lips and the first shot of hot sperm hit the back of my throat. Just as fast, another bolt of cum came shooting out his cock, then another, then another, then another with the same intensity. I am swallowing his load as fast as he is feeding it to me, when they begin slowing in intensity and volume. Now, I'm no longer gulping cum but rather letting it collect in my mouth so I can get a good taste of it. It has a salty taste but one that I crave. I now let his softening cock slide out of my mouth. Javier is lying back trying to regain his composure. I grab his cock and with a soft tug, pull the last of his cum out of his piss slit, I lick and swallow the last of his studly seed.

Javier rises up and begins to pull his pants back up. I ask him how he liked it. Javier said this could be habit-forming, I agreed. Javier told me how good it felt to be down someone's throat, and I told him how good he tasted. He told me that he'd be around from time to time, but because of who he was, we had to be very discreet. With that he buckled his shorts and let himself out the door. I proceeded to masturbate, and it didn't take a minute until I was shooting my pent-up load into the air and splattered onto the floor. I shot one of the biggest loads I had ever had. Later that night, I had to masturbate again thinking how I got to suck on good-looking well-built stud's massive cock and taking it all the way down my throat.

From then on, every time I saw our team play on local TV, all I could think about was that day I had Javier's hot Latin load in the library restroom.