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Sucking my Latino roommates cock
My first year at college is a year that I will never forget as long as I live. I recently graduated high school and was eager to go off to college to get the hell away from home as any teenager is. In choosing colleges I had man choices, but ended up enrolling in a small private college. I chose this school because I could play football and get a good education.

I remember move in a day like it was yesterday. My mom was pissing me off as usual with her endless bitching! But everything seemed to brighten up when I unlocked the door to my room to see my roommate. I saw him and he introduced himself as Ricardo, and that he would be playing football as well. I saw that he was an interracial guy because his parents were there, and his father was Latino and his mother was white. He stood about 6'5", looked about 180 pounds, and had a nice brown complexion to him, huge brown puppy dog eyes, and the warmest smile. I took all that in and thought wow, but boy was I in for a surprise later on.

Like I said previously I chose this school because I was able to play football there. Unlike my roommate I am not as frail. I am about 6', nice big arms, long legs, flat stomach, nice bubble butt (from all those squats), and have a good layer of fur covering most of my torso. He and I stuck together a lot, but we also mingled with the other guys on the team as well. Luckily Ric, as myself, wasn’t socially inept, and got along with just about everyone.

I was really looking forward to playing football on the next level because it excited me. Man on man, pure emotion, strength, and desire at the test. It’s almost better than sex--almost. Practice on the next level was intense, I literally would get beat up at practice. With all the hitting and bashing going on it was inevitable to get some bruises. Although practice was fun I was really looking forward to the showers after practice, because I would get to see all of those hot sweaty men get naked and shower. That was definitely my favorite part of the day.

As practice ended we all headed to the locker rooms to disrobe and shower up. I always get undressed quickly so I can be the first in the shower so that I can get a peak at all the guys who come in. As I walked to the shower I grabbed a towel and passed quick looks at some of the guys who had caught my attention earlier in the day and I thought gosh are the guys on this team hot or what!!?

I finally made it to the showers and started to get wet. There was the usual shower chat of who played what position, and what everyone thought of practice and who would be getting playing time and things of that sort. All the while doing this I am sneaking looks at all the guys who walk in. I love a nice hairy man with a big furry bush around his cock and man oh man, none of the guys on the team let me down on that one. Beautiful packages one after the other paraded in the locker room all for my enjoyment. Then I saw my roommate walk in and my jaw hit the floor. I thought to myself look at the size of that cock. It was long, thick, brown, uncut, and had a slight curve to the left. It must have hung at least six and a half inches soft. I even noticed some of the other guys stealing glances at it in pure amazement as well. I looked at Rich and he seemed to be taking it all in, as if he's been in this situation before.

Later that evening back in the dorms why roommate and I just sat around shooting the shit talking about interest and families and things like that. It turns out that he went to a Catholic high school, and was a very good kid, got straight A's in all his classes and things like that. I was listening, although all the while thinking about that huge monster lying dormant between his furry legs. What really turned me on about my roommate was the fact that I knew he was straight. See, I have known that I was bisexual for a long time, but recently just came to terms with my lust for the male body.

At my school the particular dorm that I lived in didn’t have air conditioning, which sucked ass, but at the same time was also a good thing because everyone walked around in as little clothing as possible, including me. It was terrible everyone was sweating every second of the day, seeing all those hard bodies covered in that thin layer of moisture always got my cock a stirring. It was getting late and I was about to hit the hay.

"Goodnight" I said to my roommate

"Yeah I am about to go to bed too" he replied. Then he added, "It’s so fucking hot in here you don’t mind if I sleep naked do you? I don’t know how some people are I don’t want you to get all weirded out"

Mind, hell I would have helped you undress if you would of asked me to I thought to myself. "Don’t worry about it, go ahead,” I told him. There was something thrilling about sleeping in the same room with a naked man. The next morning I heard his alarm clock go off, and I woke up before he did. I figured that I would just pretend I am sleeping and try to steal a glance at his huge member. When he finally woke up, he sat up and hopped down from his bunk and I saw the huge monster of a cock that I witnessed the previous day.

Hell it was even bigger now. I guess he had a slight case of morning wood, because it wasn’t hard yet slightly thicker than usual. He reached over to his desk and turned off his alarm clock. He groggily walked around the room scratching his head and fondling himself, it must have felt good because when he got to his cock he rubbed it a few more times and leaned his head back as it got bigger and bigger. This was just too much for me in the early hours of the morning. Then I started to “wake up” and he turned his back to me and found some shorts to put on and we went to practice. That day I thought to myself I have to have that cock.

The first weekend after classes were in session there were parties everywhere at my little school and everyone was just getting completely hammered. My roommate and I went to a party. He and I said that we would meet up later and leave together unless one of us found some bitch to go home with. I met some hot chicks got their names and what dorm they were in, but wasn’t really interested. Just the introductory chat. I was telling some of the girls that I had met that I was leaving, and asked them had they seen my roommate.

One of them told me that she saw him and that he was really drunk and one of the guys on the team drove him back about twenty minutes ago. By one o’clock I was definitely drunk and ready to go to sleep, I started walking back (completely forgetting about my roommate) and made it to my room. I opened the door to see my roommate lying on the futon in our room under a sheet. I could tell that he was naked under the sheet by how it laid on his body. I could see the outline of the monster perfectly under the sheet.

I thought to myself what better a time than now to see this too up close. I got on my knees next to the futon and pulled back the sheet to reveal his naked body. He looked like a Greek god under the moonlight that was pouring through our window. I saw that huge cock that I had seen so many times lying inches from my face. I could smell the scent of him; it was a strong manly odor that only turned my drunken horniness to a new level. I grabbed his cock and played with it, having another mans penis in my hand was new to me and it excited me to new levels.

I then took his cock into my mouth and began to suck, I felt his cock hardening in my mouth, it seemed to just keep growing and growing. I took it out of my mouth to just take in its glory, look at the foreskin as I glided it over his swollen head back and forth back and forth. I looked and this thing had to be a good nine inches long and thick as a beer can. I dove back down on his cock and sucked with all my might, and then I felt a hand on the back of my head. I thought oh shit I am caught he is going to try to kick my ass or something.

“What the fuck are you doing you fag?” he slurred in his drunken stooper. His huge cocked fell from my mouth and flopped down on his stomach well past his belly button with a huge flop.

“I, I , I just had to have you...” I stammered.”

“Well no one told you to stop!” he said to me with a smile.

So I gladly dove back down on his huge cocked and deep throated him like no tomorrow. After a little bit I felt his penis swell and then with a deep moan he emptied his load into my mouth. At least a good seven squirts, I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth as some slid down the side of his cock and into his pubes. When I sat up and took one last gulp to get all of his seed down, I looked up and saw that he was already asleep. So I took one last look at his cock, kissed it and climbed up into my bed and went to sleep.

The next day he got up and went about his normal routine as if nothing ever happened. Either he was too drunk to remember or he doesn’t want to say anything about it. I didn’t really care, all I knew is that this wasn’t going to be that last time I would suck that big uncut Latino tool...and believe me it wasn’t!