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As I checked out a library book, I looked at my watch. It was
2:30. Marco's class ended at 3:00. I had to get ready before
Marco got home from his class.
I jumped in my car and kept my
fingers crossed I wouldn't get another ticket as I sped from
campus to the apartment. I rushed to my room, undressed and
pulled on the jockstrap that Marco likes me to wear. I hurried
into the living room, reclined on the couch and waited for
Marco's return.

I marveled at the fantastic deal I had made. I was out from under
my strict parents' thumbs, and I got to live with two hot friends
I had secretly lusted for and fantasized about throughout high
school. Best of all, I got to fulfill my long time fantasy,
sucking and fucking my two horny straight Latino friends and roommates,
Marco and Julian. They thought our deal was great, too. It was
their idea.

It all started when we decided to attend the same university not
far from our hometown. I looked forward to leaving home and being
on my own, but my parents were quick to ruin those plans. They
said I would commute from home and work part-time at dad's
office. So, my freshman year I did just that. Dad furnished a
down payment on a new VW for my commute. I made the car payments,
bought insurance and gas for it from my paycheck, but still
managed to tuck some money away.

I saw Marco and Julian on campus, and we even had a class together.
I let them know how I envied their freedom and hated living at
home. I told them I was saving up to move out. They had part-time
campus jobs and had saved some money, too. We decided to share an
apartment. Dad was furious. He said if I didn't live at home, I
couldn't work for him. Marco helped me get a campus job, and the
three of us rented an apartment. Marco and Julian moved from their
dorm, and I moved away from home.

We rented a four-bedroom apartment with a large living room and
two baths. For a college town it was a bargain at only $600 a
month, utilities included. We split the telephone and cable TV

It was almost more than I could take living with these hot guys,
watching them run around our apartment in their briefs and
boxers. I spent a lot of time admiring their sculptured bodies,
bulging crotches, and hiding a tent in my pants. I lusted for
both of them and wanted to approach them, but they were straight
and made jokes about fags. I was sure they wouldn't want a homo
living with them. I had kept my sexuality a secret, and only one
person knew that I was gay.

My neighbor, Alex, had been my secret lover. He was a year
younger than me and attended the Catholic school. I often stopped
at his house after school. We became close friends, and we
started fooling around during junior high school. By my freshman
year in high school, we were jerking, sucking and fucking each
other. We continued our secret sex activities until Alex and his
family moved during my senior year.

I had lived with Marco and Julian about two months when my car
insurance statement came. The premium had skyrocketed. I called
the agent and found it was because of an accident and some
traffic tickets. There was no way I could afford the insurance,
car payment and rent.

I sat staring at the bill when Marco walked into the living room
from the shower. He was drying his brown head with a towel and
wearing only a pair of tight boxer briefs. His toned, dark body
glistened. He took a chair across from me.

"You look awful, Mike," Marco said. "Is that bad news?"

"Sure as hell is," I said. "It's my damn car insurance. No way I
can afford this."

Marco took the bill from me. "Calm down, Mike. Let me look at
this. "Holly Shit! I see what you mean!" He threw the bill on the
coffee table. "Fuck it! Don't pay it," he said.

"Don't pay it? That's easy for you to say. What if I have another
wreck? I'll end up in jail."

"Well, then call your old man. Maybe he'll help."

"Sure he will, if I move home and go back to work for him. And,
that ain't happenin'. I'll just have to find another job. There's
no way I can pay rent, my car payment, and this on what I make."

Marco turned on the CD player and said, "Cool down, Mike. Don't
flip out. Stretch out and relax, dude. We'll think of something."

I stretched out on the couch, tried to calm down, and smiled at
Marco. I admired his gorgeous body as he slouched in his chair.
Soon I forgot about my money problems, as my eyes were drawn to
the firm bulge in Marco's boxer shorts. I couldn't take my eyes
off it. I dreamed about caressing it with my hand and burying my
face in that warm crotch.

Marco snapped me out of it. "Why not take a picture, Mike?" He
asked as he rubbed his crotch.

I laughed. "Oh, I was just day dreaming."

"Yeah, sure you were! You like what you see, don't you? I've
seen you checkin' me out before." He stood and gripped his
basket. "You want this, don't you? Admit it, Mike."

I sat up. "I'm sorry, Marco. I... I was just... just...

Marco stood in front of me, his bulging basket inches from my
face. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face against
his boxer shorts. I could feel the heat from his balls on my chin
and his hardening manhood against my cheek. He rubbed his crotch
against my face. I loved the feeling and didn't resist.

"You like that? Is that what you want?"

I ran my lips up and down his swelling dick and licked the
stretched cloth that covered it.

"Oh, yeah!" Marco said. "You do want my cock. You are gay! Me and
Julian always thought you might be."

I leaned my forehead against his briefs and started to cry. "I
guess you hate me now," I cried, " that you know I'm gay."

Marco rubbed the back of my head. "Mike, we've been friends a
long time. Hell no, I don't hate you. We're still friends. I just
never had a gay friend before. Just promise you won't go all fem
on me, OK."

I giggled and smiled. "OK, I promise." I looked up at Marco. "But
please, Marco, don't tell anyone," I cried. "I don't want
everybody to know."

"I won't, but Julian already figured you were gay. We need to tell
him. Me and Julian are your friends, dude. You can trust us."

I kissed his thigh. "Thanks, Marco. You two were right, you know.
I've wanted you both for years. Living with you guys has made me
want you even more."

"That's what I thought, Mike. I've never tried anything with a
guy. But, you've got me so horny and my dick so hard, I'm ready
to let you show me what it's like. But, let's keep this is just
between us. Julian won't be home for at least an hour."

That was all I needed to hear. I grabbed his waistband and pulled
his briefs to his knees. His hard uncut Latin cock bounced and
pointed straight up, and I slowly licked it from the base to the

"Mmmm, yes. Mike, that feels good," Marco moaned, as he held the
back of my head.

I held his stiff tool by the base and licked around the sensitive
head. Marco moaned in pleasure, as I opened my mouth and slipped
it over the head of his cock and cupped his ball sack in my left

"Awwww! Yeah, Mike!" Marco cried, "Suck my dick!"

I nursed on the head for a few minutes, teasing the sensitive
underside with my tongue. Then I slowly slipped more of the shaft
into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and swallowed. The last inch
slid into my mouth, and his soft pubic hairs tickled my nose.

Marco squeezed my shoulder. "Awww! Shit! Yes, deep throat me.
That feels fantastic, Mike. No girl has ever done that for me."
Marco began to pump his rigid pole in and out of my mouth and

I could tell he was about to erupt. His balls, cupped in my hand,
tightened, and his cock, as it fucked my mouth faster and faster,
hardened and thickened.

"Julian, I'm about to shoot," Marco warned. "Want me to pull out?"

I wanted to feel and taste Marco's sweet juice. I pulled my head
back and held just the crown between my lips while I sucked and
teased it with my tongue. In a short time, his cock twitched,
Marco moaned, and his warm cum gushed into my mouth.

Suddenly someone entered the apartment and slammed the door.
Marco quickly pulled his cock from my mouth.

"OH, SHIT!" Marco yelled, as his cock continued shooting steams
of cum onto my face.

I turned and saw Julian glaring at us. He dropped his book bag and
approached us. He punched Marco's shoulder.

"Damn, Marco, that's some load you just shot," he laughed. Julian
smiled at me and my cum-drenched face. "Mike must give one hell
of a blowjob."

Marco ruffled my hair and slapped Julian's back. "Damn right he
does. Best blowjob I ever had. He even deep throats. Mike's a
real pro." He smiled at Julian. "You should let him do you."

Julian smiled at me. "What about it, Mike. Want to try mine?"

I grinned and nodded. "Sure."

"Well, go clean that load off your face while I get me a beer."

When I returned from washing my face, Julian was sprawled in the
recliner drinking a beer, his shorts unzipped and open, his legs
spread wide. "Well, Mike, I'm ready and waiting," he said.

Marco was sitting on the couch. "Mike said he's been wanting to
do this for a long time," he said.

"I thought you had, Mike. I don't know any other dude I'd let
blow me. I've heard guys give the best head, and I always
wondered if that was true. I'm ready to find out. I've not been
laid in days, and I'm ready to bust a BIG nut!"

Julian pushed his shorts down, revealing a huge bulge in his briefs.
He kicked off his shoes and shorts then slowly removed his briefs.
I had seen his dick soft and knew it was bigger than average, but
it was hard now and huge. It must have been over nine uncut inches.

"Mmmmm. I see you are," I said.

I knelt between Julian's muscular legs. I grasped his huge, hard
cock and began to stroke. I looked him in the face. "Julian,
promise me you won't tell anyone about this. It's got to be kept
secret between the three of us."

Julian looked at me seriously. "You're like a brother, Mike. I'd
never do that. Marco and me have thought you might be gay for a
long time, and we never mentioned it to anyone. If you want
people to know, you can tell them."

"Thanks, Julian," I said and licked up the sweet precum that
covered the head of his cock.

"No, Mike, thank you. Uhhhmmm! Your tongue feels great." Julian
said, and rubbed my head as he gulped a big swig of beer.

I lovingly licked up and down his shaft several times, before
taking its huge mushroom head into my mouth. Julian's was larger
than Marco's, and I had to stretch my jaws open as far as I
could. I flicked my tongue across the underside, causing Julian to
moan. After a few minutes of sucking, my jaws began to ache, so I
took his cock from my mouth, kissed the tip and switched to his
balls. I licked his warm, soft sack, tasting the salty flavor. I
took one of his large balls into my mouth and gently sucked and
licked it.

"Awww! Lick 'em, Mike! I love it!" Julian said.

As Julian moaned, scooted lower in the chair, and pushed his balls
into my face, I continued to lick and suck one and then the other,
giving them a thorough tongue bath.

"Mmmmm! Yeah! Marco, you're right," Julian said. "Mike is a pro. He
really knows how to please."

I moved back to Julian's big cock, stretched my mouth around it and
slowly slid it to the back of my throat. I wasn't sure I could
take this monster down my throat, but I was going to try. I
relaxed my throat and swallowed. More went down my throat, but I
started to gag. I backed off, took a breath, and tried again. I
didn't gag this time. I kept working and slowly managed to
swallow all of it.

"Fuck! I can't believe it!" Julian yelled. "Mike, you are the first
one that has ever been able to deep throat my whole cock."

I cautiously slid my mouth up and down his shaft. I had never
felt anything like Julian's huge cock moving in and out of my

"Mike, it's on its way," Julian warned and held my head between his
powerful hands. "I'm gonna shoot my load right down your throat."

I felt his huge dick pulse and twitch in my tightly stretched
throat. Then an explosion of Marco's seed filled my throat. I
started to gag, and I couldn't breathe. I hurriedly slid his cock
from my throat as cum continued to gush forth. I held the head of
his cock in my mouth and swallowed its juices as fast as I could.
I managed to catch and swallow every drop. When the eruption
stopped, I took his deflating member from my mouth and carefully
licked it clean.

Julian slumped panting in the recliner. When he had recovered and
caught his breath, he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Damn! Mike, that was awesome! Marco was right. That blowjob was
the most fantastic I've ever had. Not to boast, but I've had my
share, and yours was the best ever."

I got up and sat next to Marco on the couch, and listened as my
roommates continued to praise my cock sucking skills. I became
distracted when I saw my insurance premium notice on the coffee
table. I picked it up and stared at it.

"What's that, Mike?" Julian asked.

"It's my car insurance bill," I said. "They've raised my

Marco said, "He's worried about how he's gonna pay it."

"Shit! It looks like I can afford to either drive or live in this
apartment. There's no way I can do both on what I make."

"Maybe we can help," Julian said.

"I don't want charity."

"I'm not offering charity," Julian said. "What if you didn't have
to pay rent?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if you could work for the rent?"

"Are you thinking what I am?" Marco asked Julian with a sly smile.

"I don't get it guys," I said. "What's your idea?"

Julian said, "I think you just demonstrated a skill that could be
traded for rent."

"I'll second that," Marco agreed. "You really worked at it, and
it was work you seemed to enjoy."

"You mean pay the landlord with blowjobs?"

"No, Mike!" Marco yelled. "But, if you would give me one every
day or two, I think I could come up with half of your share of
the rent."

"I'd be willing to make the same deal," Julian said. "And, Mike, it
would be our secret, just between the three of us."

I smiled and tears ran down my cheek. "You guys are fantastic.
Who could ask for two better friends? You have a deal!"

That was four months ago. What a deal I made. I haven't paid cash
for rent since. But, I sure have enjoyed working for it.

That's how it happened and I've swallowed 100's of hot Latin loads...

Marco came in from class and smiled at me. He put his books on
the desk and walked to the couch. He pulled his t-shirt over his
head, tossed it on the back of the couch and sat next to me.

I pecked kisses across his smooth, firm chest and unbuckled his
belt. As I undid his pants, Marco snapped the strap on my jock.

He smiled and said, "Well, Mike. I see you're dressed in my
favorite work outfit. You ready to work-off some rent."

I slid Marco's pants off, squeezed his bulging crotch and licked
my lips. "Oh yeah!" I said, "I'm ready to do some work for my

I grabbed his boxer shorts and removed them. I leaned forward
licked his cock and hungrily sucked it into my mouth.

Marco rubbed my neck and back. "Awww!" Marco moaned. "Julian, I
love the work you do for your rent."

I lifted my head and smacked my lips, "Mmmmm! I love the work you
have me do for my rent."