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He was a cute Latino, and he only wanted big Uncut dicks, nothing else would satisfy him...

His name was Tito. He's 20 and hot as fuck...with a bubble butt made for fucking! We met online and had hooked up like 4 times before the one that was the most awesome. He also loved to video himself getting fucked; said he enjoyed watching it after. He would always make sure that his ass was to the camera so you could see him really getting reamed by those big dicks.

This particular event occurred quite by accident. We had our first threesome scheduled and it was with another Latin guy who had one of the biggest and most delicious looking dicks you could ever find (I am an oral top who has a thing for sucking big dicks since I can't do my own). Things started out with me sucking the Juan's (the new guy) dick and Tito sucking his, I had to have first dibs at that dick. We would switch places but I didn't suck Tito's dick cause it was too small for me (sorry don't mean anything bad by it but gotta have that full mouth feeling if I am to suck dick).

Anyway we were at it for a while giving and getting head, then I suggested to Tito to get ready to ride Juan's Big dick. While he was lubing up I was sucking the Juan some more then reached for a condom and put it on him myself, man was that a good feeling. Tito straddled Juan and I guided his thick dick into his ass (in a threesome I like to participate to the fullest, don't believe in just sitting back and watching). I watched that dick going in that ass, even licked Juan's balls while it was happening. Tito was really going up and down on that dick and made me want some of that ass too. I went and put on a condom and lubed up ready to get some of that ass. I climbed back on the bed and was behind them, at first just rubbing my dick against Juan's dick and Tito's ass.

Suddenly an idea came to me, what if I could put my dick in with Juan's. I decided to try, not knowing what Juan would do if I did it. To my surprise he didn't resist and so I worked my 9 inches in next to the 10 inches that was already in there. Talk about dying and gone to heaven...that was the best shit you could ever feel. My dick was rubbing against Juan's and Tito's ass never felt tighter! Tito was telling us how good we were and what big dicks we had...he was loving having us fuck him at the same time! We were all three moaning with pleasure. I was stroking slow as I felt like I was gonna cum as soon as I got in there. We were moaning so loud that I am sure the neighbors heard us!

Eventually you can't get so much pleasure and not cum...Juan's said he was about to bust and at the same moment I was gonna blow too...I felt his cock spasm inside Tito's butt and mine went off! I shot a load like I never shot before...the sensation was just too fuckin! As we filled Tito's ass with cum he started to nut too...he shot so hard it covered his face with the load...fuck it was so hot...all three of us busting a nut at the same time!

We said we would do it again but never got the chance to. Tito made me a copy of the video tape and I relive the moments from time to time and wonder if I would get a chance like that again. 

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