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I went to the beach one day with a bunch of my girlfriends and I was really horny and kinda sick of looking at beautiful girls, so I decided that I would take a trip to the guy's locker room and take a couple or peeks here and there.

Well, let me describe myself. I am a white guy about 6' , 165, short brown hair and blue eyes. I am kind of curious of guys. I have never been with a man, but want to try really bad, so I walk into the locker room and there is not one dude in there. I was like what the hell, so I decide to check the showers, but no one was in there either. Then I hear the door close, and I walk out into the locker room from the showers and act like I am changing. There is this gorgeous Latin kid, he looks to be around 19 or 20...he's about 5'9, 140 lbs, shiny dark skin that makes my mouth water! He walks in wearing baggy basketball style  shorts and a T-shirt. and carrying a bag. He walks over to one of the benches next to me and unbuttons his shorts, giving me a good view.

Then he pulls the shorts down and reveals this huge bulge in his white briefs. I automatically get this huge hard on. Then he takes off his shirt and shows me the most cut chest I had ever could do laundry on those abs! I try not to stare while I start to undress, but he keeps looking up at me and then I would look down. I pull down my swimming trunks and show my huge 9' cut cock. Nice and fat, and then I give it a nice tug.

Then I notice him staring right at me with this huge smile. I notice his bulge getting bigger. He then starts to rub his briefs, then he begins to moan. I really start tugging away at my cock then. He then walks over to the door and locks it . He then starts to walk straight for me and starts to kiss my lips so roughly.

I grab his bulge and rub until I can tell it is fully erect...this kid is hung! Fuck, that monster must be 9 inches long! I can wait to taste it! I move my mouth down his smooth chest to his nipples. I then go to lick them and start to nibble on them, he then pushes my head to his briefs and shoves my face into it. He moans louder and louder, I can't take it any longer and I rip down his briefs and put my mouth around his huge dark uncut cock (I say around 10'). I grab his balls and massage them, he keeps moaning and moaning and then he finally shoots his load right down my throat.

He then pulls me up and lays me onto the bench and gives me this grin that secures me he is going to please me and he hops onto my dick! He must have planned to get fucked cuz he's already lubed up and he slides right now. His ass is tight and warm and my cock can't wait to bust after sucking his hot Latin kid off! I can still taste his sperm in my mouth and I am getting into his riding my dick. He's moaning, I am moaning and then he starts to slide faster and faster until I am about to cum in his hairy asshole and then there is a knock on the door. We both look at each other and keep going. Then I finally shoot my creamy load in him. We both stand up, he puts on his bathing shorts and while he walks by me, I am putting on my tight black briefs. He grabs my package and whispers "thanks" into my ear, and then I never saw him again....that is until I logged on MiamiBoyz!

There he was..."straight" whatever you say!! All I can say is that went "straight" for my dick!!