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The handsome young Mexican walked by my car on the side walk wearing a
black tank and white jeans. He saw me watching him as he walked closer and
tried to be cool as he approached. As he got near I called out my window
and said how's it going?

He stopped and looked at me rather curious and somewhat friendly and
said Pretty good, how about you? He took 'bout 8 steps toward my
car, arms out and I said I was fine. I was in a parking lot, a hedge in
front of me. He said, Good hot day.

Yeah. He asked if I had a smoke. I couldn't help staring at
him because he had such a fine body. He had a couple of tattoos. His
shirt stretched over his shoulders, pecs, and tight abdomen and I think he
kind of smirked as he saw me check him out, "some kind of fag." 
I said, You got a good physique. You work out? He liked the
compliment and kind of strutted over to the car window to take a cig.
He stood quite near with his hips sort of hunched toward me as
he took a light from my lighter out my window. He had to shield his flame
and he slightly touched my fingers during the lighting. It is a signal
that there is some agreement already. Now we are but to establish what the
agreement includes. As he took his light, he looked directly into my eyes
for a second and probably caught me looking down at his basket to see what
was visible.

You work out? I said again.
Nah, not really. I ride the bike and play ball some.
Well, you got a good physique.
Yeah. What are you, some kind of fag?
Would it make you mad if I said I was a fag?
No. Not really. I've been near a fag before. I got some hot mouth off one once. 

Pretty fucking good. Good? How? Just good. Not great? No.
Well, then he wasn't really into the blow jobs the way a body should.
What do you mean? You suck cock?
I have, and I'm fuckin good at it. Well, I can
really get into it if it is someone young and vital, and handsome lookin'
like you. You don't look or act like a fag.

I would though with you, good muscles, good face, small ass and
I'll bet your cock is six or seven inches long and getting hard right now.
He gave me a slight smile and kind of shifted his weight from one foot to
the other put his hands in his pocket and started moving them to show me he
was horny. I lay my arm outside my window on the door and acted as if I
might just reach out the extra 8 inches to feel his hard cock and balls. He
smirked and kind of stepped back so I couldn't reach him. 

"I said I won't do anything that will attract attention to us. We are out here in the
sunlight and I don't want anyone to notice us. I wouldn't take a chance of
being caught. He seemed to act as if he trusted what I said. He moved a
little closer and looking in said, This is an old car. I'm going to get me an old Cad
one day. He leaned on my window to get a better view. As he did that, it
put his face very close to mine. I reached up and felt his biceps, the
hair in his armpits, he frowned and looked around. I slipped my hands in
the top of his tank and rubbed his nipples. They got very stiff and solid.
He had his right hand back in his pocket jacking himself as I tweaked his
nipples just sort of looking me in the eyes, mouth open and panting as I
felt him up. This went on until I got nerve enough to slide my hand down
his stomach and reach for his cock. He stepped back uncertain that he
wanted this. He looked around to see if we were being seen. Then he
leaned back in the window, I reached again and this time I found a hefty
hardon. I rubbed it through his white jeans with the back of my hand.

What do you mean about a small ass? I don't want no
one doing nothing with my ass. I don't go for that shit.
You must know that fags like to get fucked?

Well, we don't think of the ass as just something
to shit with but a sex object.
Yeah, Dude? What do you mean?
I mean fags use our ass to get fucked by Dudes or
machos like you that want to get their rocks off in a good tight hole. All
we really need is to be sure we use a rubber and a little lube.
You been fucked?
Yeah, a few times.
Is it good?
Yeah, if it starts real slow so that my ass has a
chance to get used to it before the real fucking begins. Then it feels
great for both of us.

Yeah? Well, I never fucked an ass. Maybe I'll fuck
yours. What's it like? He leaned in to me as I went on feeling' his cock
get harder and stand up straighter. He sort of started moving , hunching
against my hand. He wore baggy pants so it wasn't difficult to slide my
hand under his belt and have lots of room in his pants to move his cock
anyway I felt like it.

Don't any of these young guys wear under shorts
anymore? That was a good thrill by itself, suddenly feeling his hot skin,
soft pubic hair, tight cock skin and loose balls. He got into it and
started fuckin' my hand. He would look up to see if there were any
watchers then stick his arms above on my window and I would go on jerkin'.
He had a great looking face, tight skin, big nose, big lips, wide mouth and
prominent bone structure. Big eyes. You could drown in his big brown
eyes. Once he looked up and someone was coming down the walk. He stepped
back and acted like he was just smoking while he talked to me. He was a
cool dude. When the guy got past he moved right in near me again, I got my
hand back on his cock. It was still hard and had some lube on it. He was
hot to go and cool.

He started saying stuff like, Dude that feels
really great. Pull my cock harder and harder. You're going to get my come
if you keep that up. You want my cum, don't you? I could feel his cock
feeling like a big corn cob covered with silk, pulse in my hand and I would
stop and let it cool. Then I would reach lower and I found the largest set
of balls I ever felt. They were softly covered with hair and felt like two
eggs in a loose bag. It felt great to feel his cock and balls brushed back
and forth with my hand and wrist. He leaned with one arm, back to the
traffic and I pulled out of his pants and unzipped him. I put my hand
inside and could even reach behind his balls and feel the root of his big
cock and rubbed it. I know that's a sensitive spot. He jerked back, then
shoved his cock forward so I could get back in there to tickle him. He
loved it. I even grabbed his big head and pulled his cock out of his pants
so I could get a good look at it. I let go, he looked down, smiling and
made it, the wand, bounce for me. He was a proud SOB the way he showed off
for me. It swung in large arcs and up and down. It was so huge, I would
have died to have it tight in my ass! He was great. Then he pulled it a
couple of times and then smiling, flipped it back into his pants.
Let me see your cock! I was surprised.

Here was a young good looking guy getting off on looking at my cock while
he was hot to cum. I took it out and he just looked for a moment then
reached for it and started giving it some good hard tugs. While he leaned
in to pull, it brought his face very close to mine again and I snuggled his
neck with my nose and lips then I started licking and sucking his neck. He
gasped, "Oh, yeah, go on doing that. I kissed his neck and sucked until I
was sure he was going to have a big hickey. I made his whole neck
slippery. It made my face very wet. He suddenly turned his face to mine
with a heavy frown and stared, then kissed me on the mouth. I stuck my
tongue in his mouth and he sucked it like it was a cock.

I told him to come and sit in the car. He lost no time getting
in. Then he pulled his cock out, I grabbed it and started jagging while we
went on passionately and urgently kissing. He wasn't as macho as he looked
or acted. I got on my knees on the floor in front of him, pulled his pants
down to his ankles. I moved down on him and took his big cock in my mouth
and sucked voraciously. I deep throated it, pulled hard with suction,
stuck my tongue in his cum hole, licked and swallowed his balls in my
mouth, licked the root of his cock, still groaning, then he pulled me back
up, turned sideways and started sucking my cock at the same time. That did
it for me. I don't get sucked enough to be blase about it and I came in
his mouth. He sat up by me, pulled my head to him and kissed me again and
transferred my cum into my mouth. We were both so wet and slippery from
the cum all over our mouths.

Then I got down on the floor and swallowed his balls again. I
pushed him up by his knees and got to his cock root , then I slipped on
down to the cleanest asshole I had ever seen and started licking it for
him. He near screamed and bucked his butt not knowing that anyone would do
that to him or anybody. He acted as if he didn't even know it existed. He
grabbed my head and held it up frowning at me. Then he let me go again. I
got right back to his asshole. He wiggled, gasped, rolled, laughed and
said, "Fuck, that's great., all the time I did it and he started jacking
himself off real fast. That was my cue to stop if I wanted his cum in my
mouth. I did want it in my mouth so I let his legs down and took his cock
away from him. He pulled me up fast to kiss my lips an' taste the juice
that came from his asshole. It excited him immensely. He licked my face,
my chin, nose, eyes, and lips all over. Then I pulled down and took his
wonderful cock in my mouth again and finished him off.

When he came he reared up shoving his cock as deep as possible,
holding my head from the back and I could feel his cock pump several times,
more than ten times, my mouth was flooded with the sweetest tasting cum.
He jerked, relaxed, reared up, jerked, over and over again. He almost
cried or laughed, he came so hard.

He then grabbed me and held me as tightly as he could until he finished
his jerking and finally until his breath became normal. He smiled at me
then and gave me one more big deep kiss, a hug and then he was out of
there. It all was so involved and yet happened so fast, my head was still
swimming after he left.

He was so totally straight looking, I couldn't believe that all
this sucking and kissing came from a young handsome that had a real bad boy
attitude at first. All I had done was speak casually to him as he walked
by my car.

Oh, oh. Now, I'll probably have to speak to every good lookin'
guy that walks by my car to see if he is a willing cocksucker, lover. Now
I'm in trouble. Most won't be.