Young men 18 to 24 years with HOT bodies! 
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Like showing off your hard cock?

You want to show off your hot body but are not gay - no problem!
If you have the goods and have always dreamed of showing them off on a porn site then look no further! We would love to help you make your dream CUM true!

As always, you have to be at least 18 but no older than 24. Email for information on what we need you to do!


"OK, what do I do now?"
Just email and tell us about yourself. Send a few (must be recent) photos. They will help to evaluate your look and potential for being on the site. 

"I never did this before and I am not sure if I can do it. Is there a test shoot or interview to practice?"
Working with amateurs for over 2 decades we are experts at putting you to ease and making you feel comfortable...quite a few of the models and I have become close friends after doing shoots.

I like to think that the trust developed between the model and photographer is a very special "relationship" and that comes across in the photoshoot. Let's face it, jerking off in front of stranger is not easy but I have been told that I make it easy to do! I take that as a very strong compliment.

We get right back with you immediately!

Your first name and stats
Age (18+) - weight - height - cock size

Attach RECENT Fully Nude Photos
Just use your smart phones take photos and those are great!
(Face - Chest - Cock)



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